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Dynamic QR Code

ReceiptHero offers a dynamic QR code-based receipt delivery system that is based on both the Token Receipt API and a QR code page hosted by ReceiptHero. By scanning the QR code displayed on a customer-facing screen at the ECR, users are directed to a live view of their receipt. Here, they can interact with the receipt without needing to register or opt to import it into their user account.
A key distinction from the Card Linking Receipt API is that the POS now takes on the responsibility of generating a unique identifier for the receipt, ideally using UUIDv4. This receipt ID is then relayed to ReceiptHero via Token Receipt API requests. To access the QR Code Page, both this receipt ID and a namespace identifier (provided by ReceiptHero to partners) are required. There are two alternative approaches for handling rendering of the QR code. See illustrations of these approaches below.

Approach 1: POS-rendered QR Code

In this approach, the POS system takes on the responsibility of creating a QR code that links to the receipt and displaying it for the customer.

Approach 2: ReceiptHero-hosted QR code page

In the alternative setup, a QR code is displayed on a simple ReceiptHero-hosted web page, which is opened and displayed on a customer-facing screen at the ECR.