Bank Piloting

eReceipt platforms are newcomers and we want to make it as easy as possible for our partners to get hands on real data we offer this "quick and clean" piloting workflow for our banking partners.

Pilot phase

The aim of this quick piloting is to be able to offer Banks a way to start experimenting with real production receipt data in the internal pilot.


Enrolling cards by hand cuts off the "long-taking-CHD-related-dev-burden" and receipt data as notification enables the bank to start experimenting with data as soon as possible and might give more insights on the benefits of eReceipts


  1. Bank creates one endpoint to receive receipt data from us.

  2. Deliver URL to RH

  3. The Banks pilot group (preferably employees) adds some cards to our platform by hand.


  4. Bank delivers details on added cards to RH


  5. RH links those cards to the bank's pilot program

  6. RH delivers ID for those cards to the bank to match receipts to cards

  7. The PIlot group makes purchases on live RH supported retailers

  8. Receipts flow realtime to banks backend

    1. Includes receipt data as JSON

    2. URL for rendered receipt

  9. Bank experiments with live, production state, receipt data

Full Receipt Notification

Webhook request includes following data

 "receipthero_id": "bef47630-98bf-41c6-84d1-298d6c85ec94",
 "notification_type": "full_receipt_notification",
 "receipt_id": "0439eb4d-9ad9-441b-aaaf-3a93d0153244",
 "receipt_json": "<HeroJSON>",

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